Linux Makes Indians Happy :)

At least the Indians in Indian State Kerala. Know of any other Indians?

Schools in Indian state of Kerala are expected to save ₹3000 crore (roughly $428 million) by choosing Linux as their choice of operating system for school computers under a state-wide project.

Southern Indian state Kerala is known for its beautiful backwaters. Kerala is also known for its education policy. The first 100% literate Indian state has made IT classes mandatory in schools since 2003 and around 2005 they started to adopt free and open source software. It was a long term plan to boot out proprietary software from the education system.

As a result, the state claimed to save around $50 million per year in licensing costs in 2015. Further expanding their open source mission, Kerala is going to put Linux with open source educational software on over 200,000 school computers and ‘claims’ save around $428 million in the process, reported Financial Express.

Linux all the way!


The preparation is ongoing for country’s largest ICT (information and Communication Technology) training for teachers is in full-swing. Over 150,000 primary teachers will be trained to use educational software running on Linux under this training.

K Anvar Sadath, vice-chairman and executive director of KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education), disclosed that from the next academic year, more than 200,000 computers in schools will be running Linux.

If we had gone for applications of proprietary nature, each computer would have incurred at least Rs 1.5 lakh (~$2200) in licence fees…

K Anvar Sadath

KITE has created their own distribution named IT@School GNU/Linux based on Ubuntu. The latest version of this custom distribution runs on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS version. This custom distributions has several free and open source applications specially customized for state school curriculum.

More institutes worldwide use Linux

It’s not just Kerala, the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu also uses Linux in schools and other public institutions. Many other states are also deploying Linux and open source software under the nation wide open source policy under the Digital India program.

And it’s not just India that is doing that. A number of schools and public offices worldwide use Linux with open source software. If you follow It’s FOSS on Instagram or other social media platform, you might remember that I have shared images of Indonesian schools and offices using Linux Mint.

A few schools and institutions in developed nations have adopted Linux or open source software. From schools in Pennsylvania in the US to schools in Spain have done this in the past. I hope this trend continues.

Have your schools or institutions have opted for Linux and/or open source software over their proprietary alternative? How was the response and experience with it? What do you think of such moves to Linux and open source software in general?




  1. It’s great to read that other Governments and Agencies have switched to GNU/Linux. It saves money instantly. It also allows to customize the software to their needs. I still can’t believe that in Puerto Rico, where I’ve been living for over 30 years, Governments still use “Wingdo$e”. Just to connect a User computer to a domain, there is a license cost.

    According to Moco$oft, the Server 2019 Standard costs $972 per processor core. Download the Server 2019 Licensing Datasheet for more information. The Client Access License costs are not specified individually. I checked other sources. According to CDW, a 1-User CAL costs $44.99. According to Newegg, a 5-User CAL costs $199.99.

    As you can see, the costs add up rapidly when using proprietary software. That’s why I believe the Governments that still use proprietary software are embezzling the public funds.



    • Hi Tom, you mean this here?

      I don’t speak Spanish at all, and my English ain’t much betterer, but what I figured out was that it’s about the costs and licensing of the Microsoft Office suite, right?

      Yeah, Microsoft has jumped on the bandwagon and is renting out their software instead of selling it. This is all kinds of complicated and expensive and, I guess, only works online. :/

      Ok, let their MS Office be a tiny bit “better” than Libre Office, I only use the Writer module anyway, if I need a writer at all. And these things reached perfection already in the early 90s, so it’s plenty good for typing out My Fabled Novel of the 21st Century. And it’s free and doesn’t give me any licensing headaches and won’t make a criminal out of me.

      And if we want perfect results we should go with LaTex anyway.

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