My Error or LL’s?

Ohayo my sweet Summer Children!

Inspired by Natascha Randt’s nice tutorial I’ve built a media-on-prim. Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be easy, and I seem to remember I did it already before and always had one or the other problem with playing video on my prims. Well, armed with Natascha’s tut, today I tried it again.

And I followed Nat’s instructions super painstakingly exactly … apart from the size. But the rest super duper to the dot! But … oy vey. ūüėģ Look!


“An error occ…” Fuk wot? What did I do so terribly wrong? Or is it the grid acting up again?



    • I was raised in a way to always find the error in myself before blaming it on others or the circumstances. But that’s just RL me, Orca otoh is an unsensitive bitch, and she got her bills paid in full so she can always blame LL. For everything! Knowing full well that she’s nothing but an untalented goofball and a loudmouth isn’t a reason to change her disposition. :)))

      One thing, maybe the only thing, Second Life is good for, is giving us stronger self-confidence. =^.^=

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