If You Have No Other Option!

The uploader himself doesn’t like this dual boot scenario, and what Orca and Trap thinking about it is well-known. But as the guy said, if you really need to keep furkn Windows on your good machine, then this can be done …

And hey, two things to say:

  1. It’s Ubuntu! Ubuntu, not Ubantu. Whoa, my ears are hurting now. :/ Oo-boon-too, get it!
  2. Of course it works the same way if you wanna add the much preferable Linux Mint or any other Linux distro to your boot menu.

That’s indeed as easypeasy as it looks in the video. So if you really can’t help it and spent your last 20 woolongs in the pub, instead of buying some fucked up laptop from your local thrift store, I’ll give you the one-time permission to do some dual booting. But only this one time! K? And then you go out and get a dedicated computer!


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