The Last Word *UPDATE*

Herro, fellow Linux kidz!

You remember The Last Word blogstory from kinda week ago and how happy I was about Fubar AlAkbar’s comment having 27 Likes, ya? As it so happened I was just there and looked again and he got even more Likes. Cool for such an old comment on an older video:


67 Likes and all positive reactions! That’s very cool for such an old comment on such an old video. Things like that make me happy and sometimes I’m asking myself if there  is anybody left at all who uses Windows? On their own free will? Hard to understand, ya.

And that’s why I won’t stop harrassing you with Linuxy stuffz. There is no escape from reality. And the reality is that we are witnessing Microsoft’s last stand. And they are fighting with everything they got. Mainly lawyers and PR people, because there is hardly anyone working on innovative software left anymore. And all they got isn’t strong enuff to convince anybody but corporate America to stick to Windows.

Unix for the mass -

Peepels, this is a revolution! A bonafide revolution, nothing less. Ok, a revolution without anybody manning the barricades but only fought in momma’s basement. :/ But a revolution by just defending our human rights, a revolution fought by fat neckbeards with often lacking hygienic standards and bad pizza abusing habits, ok. But a revolution nontheless, and we are the good side, and we are under attack! 😮

Michael Bishop
Embrace, Enhance, Exterminate. Never forget M$ has more lawyers than developers. This is a threat.

Yes, it is, Michael. But not for us, not for hobbyist Linux users and developers. We are independent of MS and the furking Linux Foundation, all our distributions are made and maintained by hobbyists. Mint, Manjaro, MX-18, Arch, Antergos, Debian, and Orca’s favourite, Namib GNU/Linux as well.

We have nothing to fear. Not from Microsoft or anybody else. Our computers and our softwares are belong to us! And we have the better code! And the higher moral. =^.^=


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