The Shit Just Worx!!!

Mörning, my little peepels!

First I have to mutter a half-assed excusation for not being in SL right now, and a rather lazy blogmaker overall the last few days … and for my being here at this weird time. I’m not in SL because I don’t fukn feel it, ok? I’ve heard the grid became better and I really really should go on with my Grand Tour but it’s like I Don’t Wanna!

To the second point I gotta say I really have my blog and you folks and your mildly annoyed entertainment on my mind all the time but it’s hard to find stuff to blog about and keep it on my Yellow Press level of incompetency.

And anyway, overall Thar She Blows! is a regular blogging powerhouse with a gigantic output when many, even much famouserer, blogs manage only one weekly fashion shot or sumfink. And me being here at around nine-ish is due to me oversleeping! 😮 Yeah, I really did it, missed my early morning yoga because I was happily snoring away. Can’t hold that againt me, do ya?

So with that shit out of the way let’s get to the real shit, The Good Shit! When I sat down at the computer with my sleepy, totally confuzzled brain, YöüTübe was open and Linux vlogger Tom’s friendly face smiled smugly at me from a thumbnail with a very Orc-friendly titled video. About a topic near and dear to my black heart, a video I just couldn’t resist linking right here, right now.

Watch and you shall see:

These are Tom’s reasons. They are not my reasons, and they might not be any other Linux user’s either. Heck, Minty was my first love, as I was promised it be easy … which it was indeed. I knew fukall about Rolling and Long-Term-Support distros and the differences between them. I just wanted to try Linux and wanted it to be easypeasy and non-hurting, according to my non-existing skill level. So my reason was mainly the Whoah!-effect as described by Tom. That feeling of familiarity and “This could work.”

Heyas fellow Minty fraggles on this bloggo, please share your Minty experience and reasons why you’re using it, with your fellow blog readers. That would be swell. 😉

And all you totally stupid n00bs*, tell us about your personal journey as well. It’s most important and entertaining to observe the story of a betrayed WinAppple user on their path to glory.



* I know you’re not stupid, but noo in the field of GNU/Linux, and you’re gonna make some sensationally stupid mistakes and earth-shattering wrong decisions. And, honestly, I rather envy you guys for it. Being a n00b is the best time! Reliving all those Aha! moments, the moments of zen-like clarity when you’re about to figure out how the world worx, and the meaning of life. When you, for the first time ever, have a real Shower Thought!



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