The Most Adorable Quote of the Day

… comes from my favourite movie critic, asshole Jay, of the Assholes Watching Movies blog:

Real question is: Does that make you an asshole?

Fortunately I’m not in the habit of makebelieve musical stardom but I suffer a much more nerve wracking habit: At random times during the day I break out into “singing” badly remembered parts of super bad German schlagers of my childhood in the 70s. That’s all sorts of uncool. 😦 And poor hubby’s suffering worse than me.

vocal pieces of pop music with simple, happy-go-lucky, and often sentimental lyrics.

The style emerged in Europe after the Second World War, partly as a backlash against American rock and roll.[3] Typical schlager tracks are either sweet, sentimental ballads with a simple, catchy melody or light pop tunes. Lyrics typically center on love, relationships, and feelings.

Brace yourself for over 5 hours of shitty crappy shitcrap! :0

Yes, I am ashamed. But hey, I’m a product of my time. And it all changed anyway when I got my first record player with some Beatles and an ABBA album. And then it all changed again with the British Hard Rock invasion … and then PUNK! And instantly life became awesome.



  1. I’m always making various bird and animals noises to suit the occasion, and I really really have to control myself when I’m out and about 🙂

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