Gone in 27 minutes in Second Life

Tumultuous release of the second batch of Linden houseboat homes in the new Linden ghetto of Belliseria. Ok, not my scene, not my concern but I’d wished for a bit more dignity by both, The Lab and resis.

Let’s see how Inara liked the release …

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Motoring through some of the new houseboat regions

A total of 709 new Linden Home houseboats were made available on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019, after a build-up of expectation.

I had wondered if the new regions, that arrived alongside Bellisseria, the Linden Homes continent might see one more move prior to being opened, but as was quickly shown, this wasn’t the case. This does leave the new regions supporting the houseboats looking – at this point in time at least, but who knows what might come in time – looking like a bit of an after-thought bolt-on to the continent, but there can be no doubting their popularity: all 709 were gone in just 27 minutes.

(l) the line-up before the release of the new houseboat regions; (r) the situation a few minutes after the launch with people at their new houseboats, even as the regions were being restarted (those…

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  1. I said it in the past and say it again: They don’t do themselves a favour by creating this unneccessary inequality between premium users. IMHO the way they handle this will cost them more premium users than it will attract in the end.

    ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ is what drives SL business – and what sells premium accounts. Even now the new sandbank houseboats have less community connection than the last batch. Right now folks are glad they have a houseboat – which makes them part of the upper end among the invisible hierachy of Linden Homies. But what will happen once enough homes are available? If they ever plan to release even more houseboats (and I bet they will) they better look at some real world houseboat communities first – upper class ones that is, no houseboat slums – and see how they were designed.

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    • Yes, Fiona! I see it kinda in the same way: Living on a houseboat is supposed to be something special, either special cool and alternative or super snobby and stinky rich upper classy. Way the Lindens handle it doesn’t do the concept any good.
      Fortunately I have had my houseboat times and am done with that. When I had my OrCafé in Devilbrook I had quite a huge marina as well. And there I had my houseboat moored and lived on it for quite a while. And right next door sim was – and still is – Triumphal were I was TrYC’s head RD. Living and working in close vicinity. Was nice.


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