Fries With That?

And Trump just bought stock in McDonald’s. Coincidence?

That’s a world first: Opening mini-embassys in the worst fast food joint imaginable is kinda creative and funny on one hand and ultra sad and insulting to all involved parties, from the American tourists in distress, via the underpayed burger tossers at the restaurants, up to both countries’ gov’mts. Where is the dignity in all of this?

Writes RT:

Distressed American tourists who are not lovin’ their time in Austria will soon be able to seek urgent assistance at the nearest McDonalds, thanks to the US Embassy in Vienna signing a deal with the iconic fast food joint.

Yes, you read that right.

The US embassy in Austria recently announced via its Facebook page that Ambassador Trevor D. Traina had signed the agreement with the McDonald’s Austria boss Isabelle Kuster.

As part of the deal, McDonald’s restaurants across Austria will be granted permission to offer consular assistance to Americans who are “in need” and unable to reach the embassy by phone, starting May 15.

I have some questions.

Firstly, why would one not be able to contact the embassy by phone? Surely most American tourists have both phones and access to the internet (to check the number) via those phones? For those who do not have a phone or internet access, couldn’t they simply ask a travel companion or nearby stranger? If they are in the vicinity of a McDonald’s anyway, there’s probably already someone around who could help.

I think the only way anyone could get in trouble in Austria would be by tumbling down a mountain or getting submerged by an avalanche. And in both cases you won’t need help by an embassy, nor a fatty corner grill.

Fuk, now I’m hungry, it’s 4:50 A.M. and the only place I can get something to eat at this time is Mickey Dee’s. 😮 That or, probably preferable and better solution, some Droëwors from the gas station. :/



  1. *laughs* Well at least you’ll be able to spot the big yellow M streets away and I bet they’re open much longer hours than the embassy 🙂 See President Trump getting in there with the old stocks ‘n shares nicely!

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    • We gotta admit, that guy knows a thing or two about business. Politics are nothing but deals for him, business as usual. What a fukka. 😦

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