New release of houseboats within next 24 hours

In the meantime Inara has posted about the new batch of houseboats as well,
and now Daniel’s already come up with the next announcement by the lab. 😉 Slowly it really turns into hard work relaying all their important posts.
But this seems to be important, when like 40 residents are waiting at the border to be let into the new houseboat ghetto and good old Patchy boy Linden posts “to hit the “go button” is pretty organic. “, and even gets sexual pleasure out of this … or did I read something wrong?


Daniel Voyager

Map Over 40 residents waiting at the border

Within the past hour Patch Linden has posted a newer update today on the The New Linden Homes Update Post via SL Forums. The good news is that the second batch of Houseboats will be ready for release within the next 24 hours. The new houseboat expansion is now in it’s final position and will not be moving according to Quartz Mole.

Howdy everyone!

While I’d love to give more notice than this, it is looking like we will have another batch of Houseboats ready for release within the next 24 hours.  This is as much of a forewarning I can provide, because of the complexity behind the work that is going into these releases.  Each release requires the coordination of several teams, and having all of the resources line up to hit the “go button” is pretty organic.  As soon as we are…

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