Arch Linux: Why Not?

Arch Linux - Artwork


Here’s the dealio: No interest in becoming an awesomely clever and productive, yet sweet and sexy Linux user, without losing your housewife cred? Then fukn stop reading now and go home.

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… and clean your Windows. :/

The rest of you stay here! I command you. Even the ones who are already on Linux … no, particularly those who are already on Linux! Don’t move! Don’t even twitch, but keep your eyes on the text!

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See, during the last couple weeks and days it occured to me, not for the first time, how cool yet easy my computing life has become since I am on Namib GNU/Linux. I’m on a pretty high permanent satisfaction level since over a year now. And since hubby switched over to exactly that distro too, even the same desktop environment (Mate instead of his former fave KDE), and found not much to complain, I thought Hey! 


TED got me thinking - HEY! The NTU Magazine

Okay, Hey! ain’t much of a thought, I know, but hear me out please as my thought didn’t finish quite there. 😉 I went on thinking and trying to figure out why Arch Linux is considered such a complicated, advanced distro, nothing for beginners, only for experts, crashy, not stable, high maintenance and all other unpleasant things. After the shortest possible time, even the dumbest possible Orca had figured out what kind of diamond she had there … and how to use it. And benefit from it with a heightened sense of accomplishment and smugness. 😉

It’s not that bad, really not!

Two reasons for that discrepancy between expectation and reality. At least two reasons:

  1. Many people warning us against Arch have no fukn clue about it. They just assume. Assume the worst case. It’s a sickness deeply ingrained in people when you confront them with new concepts. What’s that fucker Galileo telling me, the earth is a damned sphere? Like a football or stuff? Naaaw, can’t be. Mustn’t be. We will not allow such harmful thoughts!

    This is the 'evidence' Flat Earthers say prove our planet is flat ...
    Earth is a fukn frisbee!
  2. Arch Linux is really hard to install!
  3. If any Linux is hard to install the rest must be hard as well.

Is It That Hard to Use Linux as Your Main Computer Operating System?

# 1 is a truth, so we dismiss those negative thoughts, ok? Begone … swoosh!

# 2 is true as well, but hold that thought …

# 3 is bullshit.

No bullshit UX – Hacker Noon

With #1 outta the way let’s think about the installation for a sec, yes? Can I tell you about a workaround for that problem, pleez? Who said you must use pure vanilla Arch? Nobody, right? If those fux from the Arch Linux project are too blasé to revive their own graphical installer (yes, they once had one), we are too blasé to care about their version of Arch. So basta!

File:New logo tex.png - Manjaro Linux

Namib GNU/LinuxThere are quite a handful of Arch-based distros available right now, more or less close to the original Arch source, upstream. The famoustest – and unfortunately most removed from the real Archdom – being Manjaro, followed by Antergos and ArcoLinux, Archman, ArchLabs, SwagArch, BlackArch and some more … and very far down DistroWatch’s hitlist we can find Orca’s and hubby’s favourite, Namib GNU/Linux.

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All those distros come with more or less easypeasy graphical installers and should be installed on your hardware inside of 10 minutes tops. Apart from Antergos which takes very long, often up to half hour to install. Yes, of course that’s still much faster than Windows. 🙂

Review] Antergos Is More Than Just A Noob's Arch Linux - It's FOSS

So let’s look at #3, the complicated operation: People, particularly those of you already on some other Linux, you know you’re operating your desktop/laptop computer with a keyboard and mouse/trackpad combo … via the Desktop Environment. Cinnamon, Mate, KDE, Gnome, Pantheon, XFCE, LXQt, deepin or whathaveyou. This is basically the same pretty much all over the Linux realm, and not any different in Arch. Like your Cinnamon in Linux Mint? You’ll love Manjaro’s version as well! Only in Manjaro it runs a bit faster. =^.^=

Manjaro’s Cinnamon is a mere Community build, same as Mate an unloved 2nd class citizen. :/

But hey, why stop there? Look a bit further down the list, actually much further down, you’ll find Namib, which also offers a Cinnamon flavour. And with Namib’s version you’re closer to upstream, your updates won’t fail  and your system will run even smoother than on Manjaro.

Grab your Namib GNU/Linux here!

Yes , I know I know. :/ I myself warned you often enuff, told you to ignore all Linuxes below #20 on DistroWatch and never trust one-man operations, but let’s make an exception for Arch-based distros and particularly for Namib please. Namib lingers around #200 but that’s due to the one-man retainer’s lack of time and funds. LOL, yeah sounds bad. But no, all the updates working flawlessly, and even if there is the occasional hiccup, we never panic but just ignore the problem and retry the update every couple days. Last time it took the guys upstream roughly two weeks until my update ran through without any problem. That’s still a heckalot fasterer than what you get from Microsoft! I’m not sayin’ I’m jus’ sayin’.

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frederic2ec building Namib GNU/Linux. 😮

In this case maybe frederic2ec’s one-man-circus handicap turned out to be an advantage for end-user me, because he doesn’t curate the updates as much as the Manjaro guys do but leaves it all for ArchLinux upstream directly to deal with any problems. I feel in good hands with Fred and the Arch team. All the time. In much better hands than with Manjaro, which tends to break quite often. :/

Manjaro update fails! 😮

Another good thing about Namib GNU/Linux: Fred took the best part from Manjaro, their super duper, easy peasy Calamares Installer and their idea to offer a whole, plethora of Desktop Environments, so you’ll find a whole grab bag, to chose your personal flavour from.  Even easier than in Manjaro’s overcomplicated way, as Fred treats all flavours the same, while Manjaro divides between flagship- and community-desktop flavours, which receive less love by the bigwigs.

Calamares 3.2 Linux Installer Will Integrate a Module for the KDE ...
Calamares makes stuff easy!

Okayyy, slowly coming to an end, I hope I could communicate  and make clear three points. LOL; they always come in threes, don’t they?

Arch for n00bs. =^.^=

#1 Arch is good, for intermediate and advanced Linux users I’d say it’s even the nonplusultra.

My first Arch Linux. 😉

#2 There is nothing to be afraid of. Arch doesn’t live behind the moon, you won’t need the dreaded terminal. You’ll miss out on a lot of fun but you can get by without it. Installation is a breeze as long as you don’t insist on pure Arch.

20 Funny Commands of Linux or Linux is Fun in Terminal

#3 Of course it would be most perfect would you just install pure ArchLinux vanilla but until we’re on that level of geek to manage the installation without a YouTube video tutorial we won’t touch that shit.

Why easy if you can do it in 4 vid tuts as well?

#4 My personal recommendation is Namib GNU/Linux, which is as close to upstream Arch as possible (I assume), runs fast and smooth and creates no drama.

Word Hard Have Fun No Drama - StickerSchmicker

69 Flexible Ladies Showing Off Their 'YOGA' SkillsHm, that was 4 points now. :/ Doesn’t matter.

Let me shut up and drive to yoga class now. Cya’ll laterz …



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