Bullshit! :(

Disco Dingo will make who??? happy?

Sounds good, right? So let’s just install Ubuntu’s latest iteration and be happy hippos for eternity. Hey, even our IT depts are happyhappy.

What a heap of hogwash! Come on … COME ON!!!

You responsible for an IT department? You care? Do you even know anyone from the IT dept in your company, or what operating system they run on your employer’s servers? I mean, I’m out of the bizniz since 1999 but back then, and I guess still now, we were on real pure Unix. I guess that’s what most companies still use today. Ok, let them be on Linux … who cares? They’re on a Linux you won’t even recognize when you look at it.

How to Play Music from the Linux Command Line - Make Tech Easier
Pretty, eh?

We’re trying to find the bestest personal solution for you, personally. Fuk your pesky IT dept. And, honestly now, Ubuntu ain’t that good. Actually far from. And when they speak about a “faster, more polished desktop”, they are referring to their own older desktops, which were earlier, even more atrocious iterations of Gnome 3. And Gnome3, as I’ve wrote more than once, is a clunky, unpractical, unfunctional, but very good looking desktop, that hogs a lot of memory and, for that reason, is rather slow. So no wonder they managed to make it a tiny bit faster and even more polished in the latest 3.32 version. Totally insignificant. It doesn’t fukn matter!

The Complete IT Department – JPMerc
The IT dept gives a fuk about your private computer!

Gnome 3 is a desktop for power users first and foremost. In order to get the most out of it you gotta learn, remember, and use lots of keyboard shortcuts. Your mouse/trackpad will be basically useless, as the screen itself is hardly navigable. This ain’t the computing paradigm as you and me have learned it and which we operate under. Gnome 3 is a geek’s paradise, the new shiny, nothing else. If you’re cool with it go ahead, knock yourself out and be happy and be sure the rest of us under-educated computing troglodytes with our mice will be admiring you and your coolness.

Cool Geek Wallpapers (86+ images)
Got it? No? Ok, stay the fuk away from Gnome3!

But let’s face the facts, girls. Most of you haven’t even installed your own Windows yet, right? You might be fast typists, and know how to make photos prettier with PhotoShop, but you’ve got no clue how your machinery works under the hood. That’s nothing to be ashamed of and it’s exactly the reason why I am trying to push Linux on you. Because it’s simple! And logical. And follows the traditonal user paradigm. Not because it’s geeky and complicated. Well, mostly. :/

is Linux too complicated, or is it just a wrong first impression ...
Because for many, if not most, users Linux goes synonym with Ubuntu. And Ubuntu is hard and wibbly wobbly.

Ubuntu with Gnome3 is fukn geeky and complicated. 😦

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    • Pheeew, lucky me, that my name ain’t Jon Snow.
      No, for realz now, what does everybody find so appealing in Gnome3? That you first gotta install a lot of extensions to get the most easy and mainstream stuff done, or the uneconomic RAM usage?

      This shit isn’t housewife friendly!


        • Hey anon (Karmi?), what’s got Cinnamon to do with anything? The “real” Ubuntu comes with Gnome3 DE, nothing else. Of course you can pop lotsa desktops on but then it becomes Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Mate and whatnot.
          I guess Cinnamon isn’t an official spin at all, because that’d be like totally perverted. After Mint made their own thing and betrayed their Ubuntu mothership, they invented Cinnamon out of protest against Canonical’s pigheaded move to the stupid Unity. Now that Canonical had to lay Unity to rest it was already a heavy loss for them. Shuttleworth would publicly admit total defeat should he ever accept Cin as an offical Ubuntu flavour.


    • Yes, Fiona, I’ve heard about all the supposed negative things of systemd. And as such a monolithic thing it’s totally unlinuxy. But honest now, apart from not even knowing what systemd’s job is exactly, I didn’t see it interfering with my daily computing stuff.
      Remember I’m the self-declared Linux housewife and Linux for sisters propagator, so not supposed to know all the geeky under-the-hood stuff.


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