Berry’s First “Real” Assignment

After the turbulent introduction to her new jobby, today Linden Lab posted the first real honest and helpful user tutorial for Second Life n00bs, narrated by Strawberry Singh Linden. How to get started:

Ya, pfffffrz, old hat for most of us, as we are all residents of the funky virtual world since countless years. But I guess a real cool thing for n00bs. We didn’t have stuff like that in 2006/07 when most of us were born, right? And look at all the new starter avatars, so detailed and well done, but also much more boring than the bunch we could choose from when we entered the world for the first time and were sent on the training course. I remember my first avie was a Japanese harajuku girlpunk with fancy blue hair. I had her for only one or two days but still have a faible for blue hairs.

Sl history website 2002.jpg
Early Second Life residents or Linden Lab employees.

Anyhoo, our Berry did good, didn’t she? And overall this is such an improvement over their older attempts.



    • You just tried to create a new acc?
      I have no clue about how that works these days, I made my youngest altsister when we still had surnames. So even she is an old hag by now.


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