The Mostest Famoustest

… of all my 2 or 3 blog readers is, without the shadow of a doubt … you! Obviously. But know what I just found out about one of your fellow readers? Shall I tell you?

Famous and sexy politician reads Orca’s bloggo!

I didn’t know. So I just conducted a search for Antonella’s party or splinter group or coalition or whatever. And if you ever cared to make sense of the political system in bella Italia and try to count the political parties you know it’s impossible. So I still dunno if I just plastered a giant poster of a neo-facisti or oldschool commie, a anarcisti or a left/right chaotic special democrat all over my very progressoleftyloosyrightytightyliberalconservativesocialistic bloggo.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Julius Caesar - HISTORY
Julius Caesar: He still knew how to do politics!

Who knows, Antonella might be a super Mussolini fangurl today, finding her love for Sacco and Vanzetti tomorrow.

Nicola e Bart

All the power to Antonella Lallo I say! And much success in the election!

Mussolini in Ethiopia | The Reporter Ethiopia English
The better Hitler. πŸ˜‰

Doesn’t really matter, as we all know elections in Italy happen every couple of weeks, as well as change of gov’mt happens at least twice a year. Why should we worry about anything, the Italians themselves don’t seem to care neither. As long as the spaghetti and forno con carne and the parmesello and the olive oil and pizza and the vino are great … all is superduper.

Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to seven years in ...
Let’s just hope Antonella ain’t a fangurl of Silvio Berlusconi!

BTW: Y’all really should check out Antonella’s bloggy, she’s obviously a very talented chef and regularly posts her bestest recipes! πŸ™‚

… don’t worry, Orca is a miserable cook, so I’ll spare you. =^.^=


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