Second Life Destinations – Village of Ahiru

Ohayô konichiwa, look a new video by The Lab’s tourism agency:

Visit Ahiru and enjoy a picturesque Edo-period Japanese village. Walk along winding paths that cut through seasonal changing landscapes. Peacefully row through the waterways that traverse the entire SIM. You can explore vibrant forests, relax in the hot springs with friends, or take it easy in the lush gardens for a lovely midday picnic. Housing is also offered within this little village.

Not familiar with Second Life? Discover incredible experiences, fascinating people, and vibrant communities in this vast virtual world created by people just like you.

Learn more at

CREDITS: Video Production: Draxtor Despres

Weirdest thing, as an old fan of everything Japanese in SL (but pleae don’t call me weaboo or otaku) I had a kinda deja vu when I heard the name of today’s destination. A quick search for Ahiru in my blog came up with a story about the hirado-shi onsen in the same Japanese styled sim. Aha! 😉 No wonder it all looked so familiar.

I’ve been here before.


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