Early Morning Update

Well … no idea at what time Arch upstream posted it, I found it early local morning today. It was just one of the many small updates, and so far the only one for today, so nothing special. Really?


Not only did they send me a new Nvidia driver 418.56-10 but a new Linux kernel version 5.0.10. So … you ask why this is so exciting? Because … because reasons. Reasons maybe beyond your comprehension, totally not interesting for you, and like boring n stuff. Okay. But walk a mile in my flipflops and see this in comparison to other Linux distros, far more famous and widespread distros, like Ubuntu and Mint and Debian and MX and Suse and Manjaro and elementary and whatnot. All those distros will have to wait days, weeks, even months until they will receive any of those goodnesses. And I just got ’em this morning. Before breakfast. Unceremonially dropped in my inbox. Just like so. Plop plopp.

Needless to say the download took maybe twoΒ  minutes and worked without any problems at all. And swoosh I was like so totally up to date with the latest shit you can find on any computer, not just Linux but Win and Mac as well. Win won’t update your user software anyway, and leaves it all to you to care about your shit as they only install “security” (spyware) programs on a machine that’s supposed to be yours.

Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know again that I feel I’m in the bestest hands with frederic2ec and his Namib GNU/Linux. Indeed couldn’t be happierer. πŸ™‚



  1. You sure don’t know anything about Windows – especially WIN10. You’re using a toy OS thinking that an update is something major – well, for Archies it probably is sOmEtHiNg. Drop those Archies and get back into the Ubuntu group of Distros…even Debian or Fedora (testing it now) that have some future life, IMHO.

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    • – Right, I dunno fukall about Win10, left that sad little world in Win7 times, never even tried Win8 or Win10 but know about all the shitty politics behind those.

      – Toy OS? Please elaborate.

      – No, not every update is something major, mostly it’s just under the hood stuff I have no idea what it’s all about. But sometimes, like yesterday morning for example, we get some real important shit: New Kernels, new Graphic drivers. And Arch is always super duper up-to-date with all the good stuff.

      – Sorry, I’ve left Canonical’s kindergarten long ago. Actually was never in it, that’s why I can’t go back into it. But at least I’m recommending, and sometimes even using, *buntu’s better, younger, more sexy sister, Mint. Same with Debian

      – I’ve tried Fedora but never even managed to get it installed on my hardware. Then, otoh, I thought why the eff should I use such a system? Fedora is, as we all know, RedHat’s development dept, and its users are nothing but unpaid beta testers. Sorry, I don’t support American mega corps and give them my labour and suffering for free. Not gonna happen; no sir!


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