No! I don’t wanna hear about it, I don’t wanna know anything. Not even a whispered rumour! Don’t wanna know what you know or think!


Right now we’re rewatching the last season, just to get up to speed and in the right mood. Hubs and me will binge the whole series once it’s done. Not a second earlier. So STFU you!!!



    • Nooooo, watching on a normal 24″ screen that’s just the right size when you have it on the desk right before you, with only cake, sushi, steaks, brownies between you and the action. Surround sound is crapola, a good stereo system is far more satisfying than 5 cheapo speakers all over the place. The placement alone would be too complicated. We never considered GoT as important enough or such a grand production to warrant the use of elaborate sound systems. Also all that shit just makes the torrent files bigger. No need for that. 😉
      Anyway, I only have one laptop, a rather small 11.6″ netbook weakling (for travels) and usually only use my desktops for Linux experiments.

      That pic shows both my sff Lenovos, the M-ITX selfbuilt main rig and our stereo above that. Not in the pic is the third screen.

      Oh, and no lipsysncing here. Not gonna wait until the shit runs in shitty German TV. We be watchering original versions, always.
      Like so, only on full screen …


  1. Omg! A portal to an alternate timeline opened up in the midst of battle and Transformers emerged to aid Jon Snow and the warriors at the zero hour……………………..
    Haha. Just kiddin’.
    We binged the whole thing last year (I think). Kept hearing about GOT and ignoring it, as we do with all shows where the masses seemed to go gaga-googoo for it. This one turned out to be pretty okay, though. Not as great as Breaking Bad (in my opinion) but still lots of really good characters and intrigue…………

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    • Ya, Stacey, BB was great because it had its totally own style. The time jumps, the many lovely details (the slipping pizza on the roof), the backstories to give every character some credibility. It was kinda laborious to watch that show. Many ppl gave up after the first episode already. We stuck to it and didn’t have any regrets. Nowadays we’re of course big fans of Better Call Saul.
      GoT is a totally different beast. Huge cast, much faster paced, more action, more drama, more soapie … and it’s fantasy, which I really much like. Not often we get to see big fantasy productions on the small screen. Love it.:)

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  2. Avengers fans brutally beat man outside cinema after he ‘loudly revealed the surprise ending to blockbuster Endgame movie’

    Yeah, I like BB (just finished it last week, again) a lot too … only recently started collecting the likes of
    BB, GoT,Sopranos, Justified, Boardwalk Empire, Vikings, etc. After the “gaga-googoo” dies down you can get them at good prices.

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    • Never watched Sopranos since I don’t like mafia dramas. Too many shady assholes in those. Just stopped following Vikings, it became too weird for our taste and went nowhere. No wonder the network stopped that series.


  3. I agree! BB and GoT are two different beasts–very true! And with GoT the fantasy keeps reality from encroaching the way it will with non-fantasy dramas, so it’s more fun that way in the end, isn’t it?

    We used to watch the Sopranos long ago. It was just like GoT except minus the fantasy, of course. But the same operatic, soap opera machinations, betrayals, and revenges going on. So sad when James Gandolfini died. He was good in other things too.

    But sadly, we’ve never seen any of the others.

    Except Better Call Saul! Is there going to be another season, I wonder? Jill’s starting to get sick of Jimmy’s shit right now, isn’t she??!!

    PS: Why did that Vikings show get so weird? What’s an example?

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    • Yeah, we totally expect another, and hopefully some more, seasons of Saul. It’s a fun little series and we like it better than BB’s glacerial proceeding towards an inevitable sad ending. BB was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. 😉

      Vikings developed into … hard to say, that’s why I called it weird. Let’s say they put too much bias on insignificant stuff. It’s called Vikings ffs, and we’re not interested in the local politics of England, or the allures of omnipotent god-cripple Ivar, nor Floki’s misadventures in Iceland. It’s all just filler and fluff.

      … aaaaaand hubby is madly in love with Lagertha. 😮 I can’t have that!!! Grrrr! 😦

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  4. Hahaha. Had to look Lagertha up. Pure Viking stock, for real! Hubby’s into it, huh?!
    I love your explanation for the “fluffy” Viking stuff: “the allures of omnipotent god-cripple Ivar, Floki’s misadventures in Iceland. Gotcha. Thanks.
    If it makes you feel any better, my spouse thinks the female vampire in What We Do in the Shadows, Natasia, is really cute. I also think if he was offered the chance to become a vampire, he wouldn’t even bat an eye before he accepted, lol !!!

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    • Ouch, just looked her up on IMDb: Too big head, worn face, too old, not a nice appearance if you ask me. Didn’t watch the flick so I can’t say if she was any sexy in it.
      Also I think the vampiristic lifestyle is largely overrated. I bet it’s not half as sexy as Hollywood wants to make us believe.


      • I know, but weirdly, he hasn’t seen her real-life picture. He just likes her on-screen persona! But I think her comic timing is what caught his eye and ear first. So far, no eye candy for me on that show. But on GoT, I do like Jon Snow. When we first binged it, he didn’t register on my radar. Grew over time. Even though he’s a tad bit short, lol

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        • “he’s a tad bit short, lol”

          He is indeed, and even his friends and foes in the series are making fun of him for that. And no SJWs around to console him and sue the not politically correct screenwriters. =^.^=


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