Congratz MX Linux

Didn’t I say it all along? MX will go places?

Well, it did. It went from #2 to #1 in the totally inconsequential DistroWatch Ranking, and pushed the very cool Manjaro off the throne. Look:

Top of the Pops!

The best (for you) Linux, Mint, is in a very respectable 3rd place, Debian vanilla, recently on #6, will soon rise at least one or two ranks up, when they swap from version 9 to 10. It’s said Debian will be less geeky, and installable by human beings, for the first time ever in its loooong history. So this new version will cause some serious ripples in the Linux community. So far my prediction.

But for now let’s concentrate on MX’s success and how well it deserved the top spot. Not only is MX easy to install, it also comes with some super nice detail solutions and creature comforts built in, we’re not used to from usual Debian distros. But it’s not forgetitng its core strength and number one reason for many people to use this distro: Legendary stability!ย  Many people have tried to purposely crash their Debian systems … and didn’t succeed! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Of course that stability comes with the cost of not having always the hottest and newest bleeding edge software; if you want that you should stick to Arch-derivative Manjaro. Or do like Orca and be even cooler on Namib GNU/Linux.

But now let’s all hail the great MX Linux and its success story.

Are you ready to get your own MX Linux?



    • Sooo unfair. :/

      LOL hun, I want I want I want …
      I want a pony, and ice cream and rainbow sparklers. You can’t always get what you waa-ant!

      If you want Antergos on #1 then go, make a blog or a YT channel and propagate the heck out of Antergos … but without overdoing it, and very very subtle. Like I do with Namib GNU/Linux which is even further down than Antergos.


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