Rumours of War?

The way we, as helpless civilians, see it it’s more like a preparation for war. Because Profit! But let’s read a clever website first for some facts:

Biting more than she can chew? America gone totally gaga! 😮

… the designation of presumed Kremlin surrogate forces as “foreign terrorist organizations” is equivalent to a declaration of war against them by the US military, while hypocritically calling Russia a state sponsor of terrorism is bad enough, as it is demonstrably untrue. But the real damage comes from the existence of the bill itself. It will solidify support for hardliners on both sides, guaranteeing that there will be no rapprochement between Washington and Moscow for the foreseeable future, a development that is bad for everyone involved. Whether it can be characterized as an unintended consequence of unwise decision making or perhaps something more sinister involving a deeply corrupted congress and administration remains to be determined.

There we have it: USA acts purely egoistical and profit-driven … and most Americans, including the troops, will never see a single dollar from this crusade, won’t benefit the least little bit while the 1% will fill their coffers with gold and power. 😦

I dunno about you lot but I for one love my life and would prefer to keep it as long as possible and not being bombed out of existence by some idiot with a nuke.

But what do I know? :/


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