New airstrip, boat rez zones and car rez zones added on Bellisseria continent

Inara already told us about the airstrip, Daniel found even more fancy stuff …

Daniel Voyager

Brand New Areas Now Open

One of the early morning landings today

The Moles have been pretty busy over at the new Bellisseria continent this week creating new rezzing zones for the community to enjoy. These new areas include a brand new airstrip tarmac runway suitable for light aircraft which comes with a rezzing zone.

There are new boat rezzing zones next to the lighthouses around the continent and new car rezzing zones dotted around. More is planned in the weeks ahead.

Here are the rezzing zone parcel locations which you may find very useful to keep.

New Airstrip & Rezzing Zone

Looks fantastic

Boat Rezzing Zones 

Very nice

Car Rezzing Zones 

Yay car zones

For the latest updates…

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    • No way! 😮 What’s wrong wiff dem labberz? Did they get a new CEO, did they find their heart, where does that interest in their most … their only profitable, product come from? Is this easter and xmas falĺing on the same day? Please LL, STOP spoiling us!!!

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