“200,000 tons of diplomacy”

Nice diplomacy. Absolutely non-threatening, de-escalating and wise, very wise. Way to go \o/ World Peace! \o/ Are they fukn krayzee???

Some people’s kidz. :/

I would like to ask that fukwad in how far the Russian gov’mt intends to destroy the US’s? Isn’t the US gov’mt hellbent on the course to self-destruction anyway?



    • Foneco, ever since 1944, the Soviets, and now the Russians, are purely reacting or even stay mostly passive towards theWest’s (NATO’s) aggressions.

      But deposing of Trump is nothing I wish for. With a president Hilary we’d all be dead by now. That bitch and her Democrats are the worstest pro-war demagogues. Only thing that will help the planet to survive and avoid a nuclear winter is if Europe and Africa sever all ties with the USA and let them know they’re not the world police! They’ve gone too far and are nothing but most brutish mafia enforcers. Let’s do business with Asia and have a peaceful and prosperous future. Our clever industry leaders are doing it as we speak. While our stupid politicians are still looking for conflict with China/Russia our industries are doing the billion Woolongs deals behind closed doors.

      I love that!

      I’m looking forward to receive a decent pension once I’m old enough, because Germany has lots of money to pay me due to good business with Asian tiger states and Russia. I won’t like to spend my golden years in poverty just because the Americans blocked all the profitable deals and my gov’mt was running out of money. :/


    • Huh?

      Who says any country has to dominate the world? Russia and the Soviet Union never had designs on world domination, they, and particularly China, are sooo fukn huuuuge and have more than enough problems to care about inside their own borders. Also they need a prosperous West to buy all their products. As long as Germany buy gas through the Nordstream 2 pipeline, why would they ever invade us?

      We, as most European countries are friendly, no? Portugal is very friendly as I remember from vacation there. The only way Russians are entering your country will be in charter planes, as tourists. And they will love your wine and your tapas and leave a lot of money in Portugal.

      Trust me, all will be good.


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