Ubuntu 19.04 *Video*

Mørnings, my suffering blogreaders (idiots) to this hopefully sunny and productive day. Just a quick note at this sleepy hour (the clock just stroke 6 A.M.) because yesterday the mostest famoustest Linux distro ever, Ubuntu, released a new version: 19.04, code named Disco Dingo. And that’s already the most positive I have to write about it, Canonical always comes up with the fanciest animal names for their shitty distros.

It’s just a normal release, no LTS but apparently full with the newest gimmicks n shit and usually I’d feel compelled to install it on one of my sacrifice PCs but then I noticed …

If you really wanna try it.

… I just don’t wanna! :/

For me Ubuntu always was more like a meh distro, and since Canonical decided on the people-eating Gnome 3.xx monster as their Ubuntu desktop of choice, I became quite hostile against it. And since I just had another negative experience with another Linux distro (feren OS) I’m pretty grumpy anyway … emphasis on grumpy, not on pretty. :/ So please forgive me if I don’t bring you another negative bitch review of a system – beloved by all except me – I obviously don’t understand on a deeper emotional level.

So before I dive head over heels into testing a system I hate hate hate, I shall try my luck again with feren, which is supposed to be a even betterer alternative to Mint. However, I advised you now that Ubu19.04 just dropped and did my reporting duty. That’s all you’ll hear from me about that shit.

But who knows, maybe the multitalented, stylish and uber sexy Træp can be bothered to write a couple lines about Canonical’s freshest offspring and tell us why it is so famous? She’s a pro after all!

And here’s a catch-all video about all the available new 19.04 flavours:


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