You Lazy Bugger

If you really can’t be bothered to obtain a dirtcheap runaround lappy from your local thriftstore and put a fukn easypeasy Linux Mint on it, you’re still not a lost cause. You can and will be helped. Look here:

Really nice compilation by Eznix, with a slight bias on USA, but he mentions some intl vendors as well as local American ones.

I guess I wrote about it before, but there are infact many more sources for readymade Linux computers around the globe. A short, very brief search  in the Firefox browser and search engine of your choice should bring up shops and mailorder thingies in your country of residence. There you’ll find – often rather cheap – hardware with pre-installed Linux on board.

You know Orca’s stance: Get a priceworthy second hand Lenovo ThinkPad, delete the hard drive and format it three times, while chanting magical spells, and then install a good Linux distro on it! This shall be your preferred method and will make you feel super self-empowered!

Know what? I don’t really care. As long as you get a functioning Linux on any crappy hardware Orca’s a happy bunny. Mission accomplished n stuff!


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