New Continent, New LCC Outhouse …

… err, Outpost that is, OUTPOST!!! Jeeze, Orca, focus! Concentrate! :/

Anyhoo we gotz a new LCC Outpost on the brandspanking new, not even completely finished and populated mini-continent of Bellithingamajig or so. Now look at that!


Owner and hostess of this latest outpost is Brexiteer Kittensusie Landar, the almighty cruise bunny herself. And she showed remarkable taste as she chose the best of the 4 available houseboat models. Nice roof terrace for aftercruise parties!
Don’t be afraid of Kitten, she just wants to play. šŸ˜‰

Congratz Kitten and congratz LCC for a new party place and overnight mooring when you’re on world tour.

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