All the Coolest Girls …

… are living the houseboat life now. That’s obviously totally trendy. Because after our favourite tiny kat, Kittensusie, now Inara moved to the new Linden Homes continent  too and lives in a SLelebrity houseboat ghetto.

Weirdly the reblog function on Inara’s blog doesn’t werk for me so I will just link you to her very well researched and written and photographed article.

Houseboat + 371 prims: That’s an offer you just can’t refuse. 😉



  1. Im lucky; cause even if i don’t have free tier land to get a spot there (our tear level is already a bit high and we prefer to get more mainland homes if we have to raise it) i already got 2 landmarks for houseboats that will be open to any to rezz and start from there) And one of them already as a lil runway on the roof, so i just made 2 small aircraft’s that work perfectly from there and even can land, more or less, lol.
    Sadly the strange and weird crashes that start occurring 2 weeks ago still happen, randomly but i think LL knows the urgency of solving those.
    Also there is not as yet, a connection to the inner Seas of Sansara, so sailing is a bit 1 way down to Jug.
    But on the other end, flying was already possible Yesterday, even with the stupid banlines that lucky where verbotten today, should be on all mainland, just not on Ll continents lol so any can fly from jug jinsu airport up to sansara air pirates airfield non stop, takes 30 min to do it:)

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    • Yes, Sansara’s southern coastline always has been like terra ingognito for most people and was never explored and scouted by any cruisers. I have no idea if a complete circumnavigaton of our most holy, oldest continent is even possible. Coming from the north there is a navigable waterway down into the Sea of Fables, no problem. The route goes either via Bay City or through the East River and is save to travel in both cases. The moles made the infrastructure for that. Years and years ago. Let’s see what they gonna do now with southern Sansara.
      For now we have a completely different set of problems, no?

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  2. I love my little Linden house.. I’m one tier from the beach area.. and have a open lot in front of me.. on a corner house.. I got lucky! yay! Friends live right down the road, and my neighbors seem nice.. Why didn’t they think of this years ago..? its gonna be a fun summer……….now just to find my local pool.. 🙂 xoxoxo

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    • You located on the new SL homes continent, Forever?

      Yeah. it does indeed look nice there. I noticed a public pool and hangout area where I visited. And years ago, with the first wave of Linden Homes we didn’t get that much allowance in plot size and prims so everything was more restricted and most ppl I knew only used their Linden Home as a space to change clothes or something. 😉

      So I decided to not make use of my free Linden home but stayed on mainland with all the freedoms you only get there.


  3. Same thoughts and action from saphy and me, we only used my premium home when we did lost our 1st homestead cause the landlord run away (one of the most sad moments of my, at the time, limited virtual existence), we stayed there for a week up till we find another homestead, that one only abandoned when we realize we didn’t need to spend so much money on tiers (1 year ago) when we had so many mainland places already.
    So now our goal is to wait and see how Sansara and Jug involve with the new continent and enjoy friends houses there, perhaps in a bit we can get some small plot at jug;)

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    • I completely forgot now if I ever had a parcel on Jug, but I think so. I love Jug as abbreviation of Jeogeot, it’s cool and particularly in written convo and blogging since we don’t have to type so much. Jug. Jug … Jug’s the deal. Jug it is!

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