Top 5 Linux Distros of 2019, Surprised?

Welllllllll… let’s first lookwatchy the video in question today, then enjoy my commentary after. Let’s see if you noticed the same stuffz I did:

Okay. How come the vid is already from the 5th and I only post it now, 11 days later? Because reasons, that’s why. Have we all figured out that …

1) the guy sounds like a salesman, doesn’t he? Hey, we’re not in a market situation here and should only propose every new user to install distros like mad, until they find their personal best. Nothing wrong with being curious and trying to find  the optimum instead of just jumping on the Ubuntu bandwagon because everybody else does it too. Guess what so they do on Windows as well, the same lame mindset brought us there. We shouldn’t think like that in Linux. Everybody should at east try out and test the 5 distros Linux Tex mentions in his vid.

2) in the same vein he only talks about the good attributes of each distro, and totally forgets some much needed criticism each of those distros would need. Yes, we know Manjaro is great, why don’t you tell us about failing updates and systems going swoosh nowhere after three or four system updates, or about the awkwardest desktop ever in Ubuntu or how outdated Mint is? That is some info we’d need when we look for the best which is then really the best for us!

3) all the distros are like the top notch, 1:1 taken from the DistroWatch charts. Why does he ask “Surprised?” No, fukkka, we’re not. Not the least little bit surprised we aren’t. Had he chosen Omoikane, Poseidon, DRBL or tuxtrans (all lingering around #301 and fighting for #300) as the top distros of 2019, now that would’ve been highly unlikely … and a real surprise. 😉

4) and again the same error of judgement I’ve already accused Tom of: This was in the beginning of April, early stages of spring where most of you lovelies dwell. How can that guy possibly know if those 5 distros are really the top dogs in 2019. In Linux you never know. Already tomorrow some pimple face teenaged super geek could emerge from his momma’s basement and announce the release of BESTESTLINUXEVER! ver 1.0 that will blow all the others not only out of the water but out of existence!!! Including Windows and MacOS. For good and forever! And basta. And then Linux Tex will look, like, really really stupid, no?

5) now I remember why I probably decided against showing this video in my precious bloggo: Because it adds nothing new, it tells us nothing we didn’t already know, it’s even a bit cowardish, nothing but an exercise in futileness … if that is even a word. 😉

Apart from my criticism of Linux Tex’s video, I have to mention it was very well made, edited, narrated and researched. He didn’t tell us any lies. And I like the fact that he too crowned Linux Mint as the #1 Linux distro 2019. Makes me feel like a fukn expert now. 🙂


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