Over 4,000 Blogposts!


On this WordPress blog Thar She Blows! I missed the great milestone and noticed it just a minute ago, purely by accident.

The small little editrix scibbled 4,071 posts all by herself
The whole crew, actually Lucy, Trap and Macz together, with some humble input by Orcsi, managed to publish 4,182 posts all in all. Well done guys, we’re good!

I moved the blog over from Google’s Blogspot to WordPress in March 2015, which means each year I had an output of well over 1,000 posts. Now, that’s what I call productive and industrious. Thar She Blows! is a regular blogmachine! 🙂


/me pats herself, and the others too, on back. Well done, guys, very well done. =^.^=

Yes, I know, we’re supposed to be 8 peoples, but Serena is still working on her debut article and the others are either dead (which is an acceptable excuse) or too lazy to scribble some words on a computer keyboard, which is unacceptable. 😦 I guess we’ll take away their xmas bonuses. :/

Lucy and Trap are also editors, which means they will be able to take over the publishing house if Orca gets hit by a bus.



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