Notre Damn! :o

How ugly is Quasimodo? - Quora

Oh Quasimodo, what have you done?

When we watched the RL cathedral doing down in flames in yesterday’s evening hours I couldn’t think of a good way to put it in my bloggo. With Daniel’s twist it really makes some sense though. SL Paris is probably the only place where you still can watch Notre Dame and even walk into it.

Hunchback of Notre Dame' live-action reboot by David Henry Hwang ...



    • LOL Træppsy, you know the Frenchies’ laissez-faire mindset and their habit of throwing still-glowing cigarette butts everywhere. Add some flammable material to the mix et voila … perfect recipe for disaster! 😮


  1. For whatever reason the sim owners there decided to mimic the fire. When vistors asked them to please stop setting the second life one on fire as well as watching teh real one burn was hard enough they yelled back at their guests to please respect the sim owner’s wishes…

    I left that disgusting place and added it on my list of sims to avoid in the future.

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    • While I always respect sim owners wishes, as they pay for the show and nobody should interfere with whatever they are doing on their land, yes, it is distasteful to mimic terrible RL happenings in SL.

      Remember the Bophal exhibition in SL’s Wastelands? It was truly griping without them having to gas and poison the whole sim.

      Or the battleship Yamato memorial?
      It’s just the battleship as a full-size model, completely intact, not destroyed and half-sunk or anything. It’s enough to make one think about the last minutes of that giant ship and what might have been going on in the heads of its doomed crew. No need to show the full extent of the horror.

      So, yes, I would avoid going to the SL Notre Dame as well. Thx for bringing it to my and your fellow readers’ attention, Fiona.


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