The New Linden Homes Continent

Thanks to Daniel’s and Inara’s wonderful up-to-date reporting …

… I’ve decided to plopp in myself and see what I can see there.

Some seconds ’til the plopp!
And there we are, at the southern end of Bellisarius (or so) continent. You can’t see it in the map but the waterway to Jeogeot (down south) is already done, I guess the last 1 or 2 sims wide connection to Sansara (up north) will follow suit very soon.

Hey Kitten and Chaos, some whole new cruising tours and destinations are opening up for the LCC!

Here I am,ย  in the brandspanking new, kinda unfinished wasteland of construction sites.
Of course I ignore the rather boring normie houses and check out the houseboats. But, oy vey, this one looks more like a pontoon house than a boat. Still nice summery holiday atmo here.
All houseboats come unfurnished but some have two storeys decks and open deck areas.
This is the wurst, most landlubberish houseboat of the lot: Different levels on the same deck? Fuk mi! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
This looks like a community pool, just waiting to be commandeered by the LCC mobile party crowd!
The whole terraforming and landscaping loks so much nicer than on the first bunch of Linden home continents from many years ago. This looks more and more like like a really good destination for LCC and single cruisers’ efforts. Even super spoiled, always grumpy, never satisfied Orcsibaby kinda likes it here.


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