Hej Træp!

Your favourite camera manufacturer, Fujifilm, has just revealed  a new model. The X-T30. And it’s great:

Read all about this litte wonder in The Verge’s test report

The Verge isn’t the most trusted tek website anymore, if it ever was, after the PC building debacle on their YT channel, but I guess they are still able to review a simple camera, no?


Indeed they made a rather lenghty article. I can’t say if it’s any helpful since I didn’t read it but so much effort for a single digicam is remarkable.

As if I’m not jealous enough already. :/

But hey, okay, my Canon ain’t too bad neither. And it’s a totally uncomplicated point n shoot thing … if I wish so. And it makes great videos and fits in my cargo pants’ pockets. And it was much cheaper than even your cheapest Fuji, so I can mistreat it without too much of a bad conscience. Perfect everyday blogger shooter it is.





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