Take it easy guys, don’t panic. Ghost BSD just released version 19.04 (of course, what else would you number your software when it appears in the year 19’s fourth month?) of its fabled computer operating system, that’s all. And that’s all we need to know, for so we can nod our heads wisely whenever the conversation swings from GNU/Linux over to the much more besterer BSD system. Will we ever install, and even use, it?


And here is why:

That’s some geeky shit!

Well, your editrix has never touched, didn’t even come close to, any BSD OS. Because just hearing some geeks trying to tell us BSD is closer to real Unix, and therefor much besterer, isn’t enough to convince me. Call me a coward, I guess switching all my computering completely over to Linux was already a bold step. I don’t need to open a totally new can of worms, even if it appears so friendly and easy as with GhostBSD. I doubt it really is that friendly and easy. :/

Okay, Ghost now offers my beloved old people’s desktop, Mate, but that’s it then. Do we know what installer they give us, did we understand anything else from that yellow box? I didn’t. :/

A further point that speaks against installation of BSD on your hardworking daily rider is the simple mathematical fact that even in the comparatively small world of free operating systems BSD is an even smaller minority compared to the major crowdpleaser Linux. So we will find even less community, even less help. Do the BSD fraggles even speak any human language or are they bonafide aliens from another star system? 😮

Spring Goddesses and the Origins of Easter - AleHorn - Viking ...

If you run into trubbelz with your new BSD – and I guarantee you will! – who are you gonna ask for help? Linux is fukn complicated enough as it is*, and you had a hard time getting used to its sweetness, what do you expect will the help efforts by the BSD nerds be like?

Lesbian goddesses in world mythology | Lesbian News
You showed some agency and tamed the beast. All by yourself. Now you be magical!

As I said: Can of worms. Don’t open! Let BSD be sooo much betterer than Linux, let it be truly free and in the spirit of a real Unix system and speedierer and totally politically correct and all the things and … FUKIT! 😦


Ladies, if you are on Linux now, you’re good, you’re the best, queens of the IT world, nay, goddesses. Fair and beautiful and whimsical and magical like my little ponies. You smile mildly about the hysterical Windows gamer boys with their strange outdated, caveman-ish antics. You’re true enlightened, beautiful creatures of the renaissance and you don’t need BSD to sprinkle even more magic faerie dust!

*No, it isn’t. Not when you use Linux Mint or Linux Lite, but bear with me, pleez.

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