The Rise of Skywalker (!)

The riddle is solved! Star Wars Episode IX will be called The Rise of Skywalker. Isn’t that exciting? No, eh. I don’t mind it either. More important questions: Yes, Rey is a bonfide Mary-Sue. Yes, Leia is in it, thanks to the magic of film making. And yes, Finn is in it as well as Kylo Ren. And unfortunately Lando’s become a fat old geezer. :/

And the trailer looks ok but reveals nothing. Probably the same as the full movie will be nothing more than a pretty but empty shell. Look for yourself:

Don’ let your kidz watch this shitty porn, it starts with Rei faking an orgasm. 😮

“No one’s ever really gone!”

Really? I guess the whole stupid franchise will soon be gone and erased forever and permanently from the history of human cultural achievements and our collective memory.


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