How Could I Forget …

… I once was following these three new/old websites/blogs but somehow lost them when I made the switch from Google to WordPress, and went on with my stupid blog without input/inspiration by …


Yes, my two most favourite webcomics and the world’s most fancy sailing site. But now all is well again since I just re-followed them and enrolled them into my Orca’s Stalking … side bar. So from now on you’ll have three more reasons to peek in my blog. =^.^=

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is sometimes deeper than you expect.
M87 Black Hole Size Comparison
XKCD is geeky fun for geeks. They even have the one or other Linux joke.
Sailing Anarchy is always best informed and shows the bestest photos in the sailracing business. Unfortunately their focus and bias is very Americacentric but as long as no other site comes up with something better we stick with them. At least, hey, that’s a French constructed/built boat in that pic.

What do you say, gang, know of any sites OrcaBlog urgently needs in its collection of follow-worthy content? Let me know please, so I can add them to the growing list.


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