Anybody Here Using MX Linux?

Congratulations, you’ve decided for one of the betterer distros, a Linux for people who know their shit. It’s probably unneccesary to tell you that the new updated version 18.2 was released two days ago. Yes, of course it’s moot to tell you since you should’ve been updated automatically.

Note: existing users do not need to reinstall. All bug fixes and additions will come through the regular update channel.

D’oh. 😮

New update for DistroWatch‘s #2 distro

As always a little explainer/disclaimer: Despite nearly all modern Linuxes, at least the top 20 or so, are super easy to install and to operate these days, there are still enough differences to make some more user/beginner-friendly than others. And MX, as a Debian derivative, is super cool n all but not really aimed at the n00bs among us. In fact if you are new to the Linuxy game, I recommend the same as I do since long: Linux Mint. It’s the way to go.



  1. Ever hear of DaaS (“desktop as a service”)? Looks like Microsoft is heading in that direction, i.e. rent you a service like they have done w/ MS Office.

    Dell has some refurbished (not sure if they ship to EU and other 4th World Countries tho) Dell OptiPlex 7010 Desktop PCs. DealNews is saying they start at 99$, but I followed their link to Dell and $119 was low price – supposedly free shipping also.

    Throw Linux on one of those and starting learning before DaaS comes knocking for the rent money.

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    • Yes, your Dell hint was very good. Same as Lenovo you’ll find manymanymany second hand machines on the usual channels (Gumtree,Craigs List, eBay …) and also in outlet stores. I still prefer Lenovo as they are superior to Dell but as a Linux test machine everything is fine as long as the price is right.
      Tee hee, inn fact I’ve found MiniMe on Gumtree and Gaga in a specialty store for used professional hardware that’s coming out of offices n stuff.
      And no worries about the 4th world EU, Karmi, Dell’s EU headquarters is located in the former poorhouse Ireland. Many Dells are out of leasing contracts and it’s never a problem finding refurbished machines everywhere. I mean if I can find stuff even in 5th world Africa it shouldn’t be a problem in the EU.

      Coming to think of it, that store carries indeed as nearly as many Dells as Lennies.


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