Our Beautiful Host Country …

Can a baboon win in a fight? - Quora

… you know, it’s kinda shame such munkies live in it. Lookywatchy:

A televised election debate in South Africa erupted into chaotic violence when rival groups began throwing chairs at each other live on air.

Supporters of the Land Party and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) turned on one another during Friday’s event, though local media reports that it’s not clear what exactly sparked the huge brawl.

Brutish baboons stage fierce fight as monkeys clash over females ...

All I know is that neither of those “parties” have anything to do with actual politics and are probably just local gangsta clans or sumfink like dat. Actually today was the first time I heard of either “party”. Maybe this was their understanding of a chairman election. 🙂

Business comes to a standstill as baboons stage fierce fight in ...

The commentaries on RT say it all:

It’s an RT article alright, but notice how nobody’s blaming the incident on the CIA? Not directly, although Ukraine is close enough, right?

Still a fukn shame. 😦

10 Wild And Shocking Tales Of Baboons - Listverse


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