G-Mafia :)

G-Mafia = Google Microsoft Apple Facebook IBM Amazon

Linux = Luxurious Fluffy Uncorrupted Goodness

Oh my. :/ Yes, I know it’s not such an  eloquent play on abbreviations and words and all that. And GNU/Linux is an operating system, not a competitor with aforementioned ultras, except Microsoft and Apple maybe … but it’s true nevertheless:

We Xers are the most fluffy bunch in IT. 😉



        • Trump doesn’t believe that humans are more powerful than Mother Nature, or that children should be taught that their sex isn’t important, etc.

          Believing that one is more powerful than Mother Nature is the thinking of egotistical humans, e.g. “we can save Planet Earth” … Planet Earth could wipe out the entire human race in a matter a few minutes. When humans have the ability to stop a simple hurricane, then perhaps I may change my view. Too many humans allow their ego to control them … as Jesus might have said to his ego – “Get Thee Behind Me Satan!”


          • – Trump doesn’t believe in anything but himself.
            – Nobody believes humans are more powerfullerer than nature. But rightwing capitalists getting closer every day trying to prove it by destroying as much nature as possible.
            – No idea what your hapless propaganda has to do with Linux but children being taught that sex isn’t important is a purely American problem.
            – Planet Earth doesn’t need to be saved as such but we must maintain it as a liveable habitat … for humans. Sorry if that sounds egoistical but I can’t give any less fux about whatever life form sets foot on this marble after we’ve eradicated ourselves. Let’s make sure the shit stays habitable for us humans for some time to come.
            – Hurricanes are of no concern for nobody! Earth didn’t invite any of us assholes to settle in hurricane areas. Again a very egomaniac americentric problem and of no concern for the bigger picture.
            – I can’t say anything about the human ego, neither about Jesus. Not my area of expertise.


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