Sunday Whitewood’s Blog


Many of you peeps may know Sunday’s Blog in which she shows mainly real slutty ho outfits n stuff. No wonder Orca’s a huge fan of that particular bloggo, isn’t it? Anyhoo, Sunday always links to music videos, supposed to go well with the fashion piece she’s showing in the blog. And today Whoa!, that looked almost like a particularly well-made SL machinima.

May I direct your gaze onto this?

Of course the music is the usual forgettable millenial shitfukcrapola fare as we know it from those dopey youngsters. I mean, come on, who listens to that shit??? But the imagery is really strong and well done without too much production effort.



… aaaand away we go. Off to the gym with me. Latex …errr laterz. 😉 xoxo


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