Kess Crystal Disappoints Me! :(

I loved Calendar Girls and I rather liked Home & Garden so just for the sake of completeness I link you to another Calendar group in Kess’ Glamour Sauce blog. Why o why? Who wants to see such shit? Please avert your gaze, everybody:

I really do wonder what’s the target group of such a calendar; heteras, gay guys? Both groups are largely marginalized in SL aren’t they? And for good reason! 🙂

Put On a Shirt, Trouble

Mmmm, not a bad hunk. Ink all over the place, fancy homo hitler youth haircut, nicely toned bod. If Orcsi wasn’t such a flaming (if totally asexual) SLesbian she would like that guy’s style. I bet he’s gay tho. :/


Fresh out of the male models clone factory: Fashionable crop, beard, tats, no shirt, huge earpiercings. The radical compositon is the most interesting part of this shot tho.

my sanctuary

Same as the others, only this guy rubbed off his ink or forgot it at home. But I bet he’s 100% homo, same as the other two.

But okay, it’s not all, like, totally bad:


Kinda romantic, isn’t it, with the flowers field and the windmill also a nice anti-Trump statement. 😉


That puppy. =^.^= All together now: “Awwwwww…”


Oh god! Super gay pinup. 😮

Commercial Director Kip Hewitt Makes Golf Clubs And Power Tools ...
Kess Crystal’s next calendar?

I’ve gotta admit there are some pretty good images in Kess’ new calendar but the subject in and on itself is rather bland and boring, is it not? What’s next? Kitchen Appliances Calendar? Power Tools Calendar? Insects and Small Rodents Calendar?


To Save Yourself from Sextortion, Send Naked Mole Rats, Not Nudes ...
Very sexy nudie of a mole rat. 😉



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