If a bridge fails and hundreds of people tumble to their deaths, just blame it on the Russians/Chinese/Iranis/Syrians/Venezuelans … 😉

My American friends, it hurts me to say this but … WTactualF??? 😮

No money for maintenance, hospitals, schools, public transport but for a gigantic and totally needless military you always have some billions lying around. :/



  1. America spends 3.1% of its GDP on the military. Those useless parasites (the Germans) spend 1.2% while cozying up under the safety of America’s nuclear umbrella.

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    • Great points! America probably spends more than 3.1% of its GDP on illegal immigrants getting free medical care (includes eyes & teeth), free hospital care, free public school education (in their language of choice), free transportation, free clothing, free food, free housing, free income, free legal advice, etc.

      After that, how can the American tax payers afford to fix bridges that some “American Road & Transportation Builders Association” (or politician) tells them need to be fixed? Let the Democratic party supporters (e.g. Hollywood) and illegal immigrants fix those bridges…if they need fixing.


      • 1) No person is illegal, anywhere!
        2) Typical rightwing American, too blunt instruments to notice Trap’s fine sarcasm.
        3) There is NO DIFFERENCE between your Dems and Repubs. NONE! Both parties are too extremely removed from humanity on the far right of the political spectrum to be taken into any consideration other than being viewed as cartoon versions of real political parties.

        Germany’s 1.2% spending on the military is obviously still much too much, for a clowns troop that can’t even get a plane up in the air. But anyway, what for do we need the fukn NATO anyway? Germany ain’t strong enough to defend itself against an American invasion. Also, they are not allowed to defend themselves against their NATO overlords. 😉 But who else is there to invade Germany? I can’t think of any other country posing any threat to Europe.


        • You certainly think and speak like a privileged white First World woman, IMHO.

          Anyway, I am to the right of the Republican Party – further right than that…now, double that. I wish the US would toss UN out and dump NATO. Other than England (I lived there as a kid, 8-11yo, their schools and such) and maybe a couple more, Putin could have the others (he *LOVES* Germany!) … BTW, after WW2, Russia has certainly earned the right to control Germany anytime they want to.


          • “You certainly think and speak like a privileged white First World woman, IMHO.”
            Ya, guess what, I am from the very first world-ish Germany-West, born, raised and educated there. That fact makes me spoiled, right. At least compared to Americans pretty spoiled as we used to be secure and well-socially insured. That means we actually have good chances to survive a cancer without losing our jobs and homes and get bankrupt by paying for all the medical bills. For us these things are normal, you call them spoiled.

            “Anyway, I am to the right of the Republican Party – further right than that…now, double that.”
            I’m sorry to hear that, truly feel sorry for you. If you tell me now that you’re also a patriot, oh my, ohmyohmy. 😮 What went wrong in your childhood?

            “I wish the US would toss UN out”
            Haha, wrong way round my man, wrong way round. Rest of the world sees the UN as America’s mouthpiece. I personally couldn’t care less about the UN. But you should.

            “and dump NATO.”
            Haha! Lovely humour there. You ARE the fukn NATO! The most useless military alliance … ever. From superfluous they evolved into a super harmful gang of bullies and resources- and land thieves. I wish Germany had been given the freedom to stay neutral after WW2, like Austria and Switzerland, and never gotten entangled in the stupid cold war shitshow. But our American overlords put an end to that. Now that you have your fukn NATO, deal with it!

            “Putin could have the others (he *LOVES* Germany!)”
            Waht you mean with “Putin could have”, how could he have anything? Why would he? I really do wonder on what weird tracks your brain works. I dunno if he loves Germany but he was stationed in East-Berlin as KGB boss or sumfink and knows Germany and speaks the language very well.

            “BTW, after WW2, Russia has certainly earned the right to control Germany anytime they want to.”
            Indeed, yes. They almost single-handedly captured Germany and were first in Berlin and had to wait for the others to appear later. But guess what, the soviets weren’t interested in Germany as a whole (they had that little petulant child East-Germany that was more commie than the soviets liked), and neither is Russia nowadays.
            In fact is Russia big enough, they never had designs on conquering any more terrain than they already had. Only after they were forced into the cold war they made sure to secure a heap of satellite states around the motherland, as a securiyt and buffer zone. Apart from that: Most peaceful nation on earth ever!


    • “cozying up under the safety of America’s nuclear umbrella.”
      Mhm, yeah, that’s what we did all the time. Soooo cozy, so cuddly and safe and warm and mmmmmm…
      You felt it too, did you Trap?

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      • I feel it everyday and I’m very glad we didn’t end up as a province of the Soviet union. This is one point where I agree fully with Trump, get defence spending up to 2% in all NATO member states. No real enemies today doesn’t mean no real enemies ever. It takes a generation to build a capable military.

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        • “No real enemies today doesn’t mean no real enemies ever.”
          Mhm, I fully agree with you there, babe. If we keep on supporting the US’s global land- and oil grab we will have a whole buncha enemies soon. Guaranteed! Because that’s what we’re really good at: Creating enemies left and right, turning peaceful countries into demons. And they will go full jihad on us … and we deserve nothing less. :/


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