SL Calendar Girls

Miracles colored with pastels

Hallo und Guten Morgen ihr Lieben,

have you ever asked yourself, if you could only have one (1) SL related blog for the rest of your life, which one you’d keep? Well, yes, Thar She Blows! of course, there’s no competition. But, ok, let’s be nice and say you could have two (2), which blog would you keep as a companion piece to aforementioned Thar She Blows!? Inara’s? Daniel’s? Maybe ZZ’s accumulator or Strawberry Singh’s skin and fashion empire? Waterbank News, Amanda Magick?

S o g n a r e

I wanna recommend another blog to you today. Kess Crystal collects an unbelievable amount of high class photography, each and every month, of photos of female avatars, and publishes her picks as SL Calendar Girls.


There are many nudes in between but also sentimental portraiture and the coolest fashion shots. One thing all the photos have in common tho: The high quality!

Cyber Action

This is a bit like 9Gag or Reddit in so far as it’s hard to stop looking once you’ve got started. It’s always like Oh, bedtime … let’s look at one more photo. And another one. But after the next one I’m gonna shut down the fuxn computer and … oh see, that’s nice, so nice!

N°1555 - Sparrow ♪

I guess Kess Crystal’s Calendar Girls is the perfect showpiece – one of the many perfect showpieces – of how Second Life empowers and enables people’s creative spirits. You don’t have to like all  the photos and they might not all be on the same level of artistic value but let’s think for a moment here:


The time people (photogs and models) spend with the creation of these Pin-Ups, is time they don’t spend in front of their stinkin’ TV sets! If nothing else, that’s at least one good point of an open-ended virtual platform/sandbox like SL, isn’t it?

Spring Goodies

And the photography of Calendar Girls clearly shows how versatile and diversified people’s interests and artistic imaginativeness is spread throughout SL.


Whoa! I just fell into the trap I warned you about, can’t stop gawking at the sheer amount of great photos of beautiful avies …

700 followers (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And to see all the different techniques is as breathtaking as the models are. From photorealism to cartoon style you can find everything.

^^Swallow^^ Ears Contest 2019 - (Kiana Jarman 1)

Fantasy book cover versus movie poster remakes …

Rain of Roses

Beautiful and realistic black/white photography of “drug abuse” …

*s a t i s f i e d

Sci-Fi elves …

But you're breathing, right?

… and of course SLesbians! (aren’t we all?).


People also seem to love some fukn romanticism …

Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil

Or very detailed jewelry photos. Here building stuff and photography and well put-together photo model meet. I guess that’s at least three people not being stupidified by TV consumption for some hours.

Vintage flowers

I also love how blemishes, like freckles are celebrated in SL:

Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign

Some photos are simple by concept … yet eye-catching:


Kitsch …

Pile Up: Grace

… fantasy …

•{ The Masked Goddess . . .

… soft porn …

ᴿᵃᶜⁱⁿᵍ ⁱⁿ ʸᵒᵘʳ ʰᵉᵃʳᵗ......

… just a hint of soft BDSM …

Beholden now I find myself awake...

… more soft BDSM …

Yes Sir i'm hot

… and weirdness …

So, let's see what you have...

… going so well together in the realm of Second Life.

Apenas somos dos desconocidos Con ganas de besarse Con ganas de que pase lo que pase...♫

She’s definately NOT watching TV!

Halos and Crowns

So, yes, I guess Kess Crystal’s monthly Calendar Girls are a must. All the informative know-it-all blogs are good and fine but where would we be with all the wisdom and no colourful sillyness …

Doll Paradise

… wild creativity …

Love Spells

… and beauty in our lifes, eh?

just breathe....

Think about that for a moment!

Better Love. . .

I’m so grateful to Kess Crystal for browsing thru tonnes of photos each month, to present us a small, carefully chosen compilation of a few hundred shots. But who counts?

● 1638 ICE CREAM

Have a sweet yummy day y’all. Me’s off to the club now. Cya laterz xoxoox



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