Are We Sad?

As Daniel Voyager just reported on his blog …

Daniel even decorated his blog like an obituary. πŸ™‚

As an unsocial socialist girl I can’t really understand the impact something like Google+ may have had on any of you guys but please feel free to grief and tell me about what you gonna do now to replace that service in your life.



  1. There were many active SL/OpenSim Google+ communities on there to follow for updates on events. Now everyone will be spread all over the place.

    There is still a huge amount that uses Facebook from the virtual side.

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    • Ya, I never felt the need to fall for Facebook or G+ or any other unsocial network, am actually even a bit ashamed to have a blog. So I can’t really commiserate with all those people. =^.^=


    • No? And that’s it? Not even a full stop? OMG Lez, something happened to you, are you okay, shall I call a medic? Or would you rather like to elaborate on that statement?


    • What a good anti-imperialistic jedi knight you are, Foneco. I’m so proud knowing you! πŸ™‚
      And thx again for all your reblogs.


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