The World Sailing Show – April 2019

It’s Springtime where most of you people live. Time to take your boats out of storage and hoist the sails! Get the largely unneeded inspiration here:

This months topics:

00:45 Slingsby’s insider tour of the F50
07:05 Crash & burn in the Caribbean 600
13:41 The American Mule meets Airbus
17:08 America’s Cup technical
21:29 EFG Sailing Arabia The Tour
We’re all about speed this month. From Tom Slingsby’s guided tour of his teams’ F50, to the drama that proceeded another record breaking run around the Caribbean.
We also find out how aircraft giants Airbus are helping American Magic to develop their America’s Cup trial horse, the Mule as their campaign continues to take shape.
We also head to Oman for the EFG Sailing Arabia The Tour, an event that has changed gear and upped the game after the organisers swapped monohulls for the sprightly Diam 24 tris.

Well, that was fun wasn’t it? But you know what the next best thing is? Go racing with Lucy or/and Macz in Triumphal! You won’t even get wet or knocked over by a freak wind. 😉


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