Wendell is Late!

Yes, indeedelidoo, kinda very late to the ASRock DeskMini A300 party. But better late than never, and also very practical to remind us again of the over-the-top niftyness of this tiny but totally complete calculating machine. Let’s watch the video first and find out what it’s all about:

A hardened super geek like Wendell calling the DeskMini A300 “pretty awesome” means something. Actually means a lot. No, I don’t mean it in a sarcastic way. But for realz! Wendell has always been the more educated and geeky part of the Tek Syndicate, before he started Level1 Techs. So if he calls something “pretty awesome” it is so!

Ok, now you’ve listened to the facts and know about the options of assembling a nice miniature system suitable for every wallet. Peepels, I know this ain’t the first time this little wonder makes its appearance on this bloggo, and it does so for a reason. Honest now: If I had to decide on a new computer now, I wouldn’t hesitate for a split second but get me one of those AMD-powered powerhouses with one of the Ryzen APUs with integrated graphics. It won’t give me the mostest bestest gaming experience but it’ll do well enough. Let’s not forget since years I’m kinda an avie on my way out of SL, also the AMD chips will do better than the usual run-off-the-mill bargain basement laptops most of you bishies play Second Life on.

¡And it’s totally Linux compatible!

So in case my little home office goes up in smoke the ASRock DeskMini A300 would be my new computer! Not just a replacement but as the real deal. It’s that good. And no compromises like with all them NUC-sized, underpowered macro ‘puters but what we have here is a real powerhouse, a serious production machine! For my little needs it’s more than enough … and kinda cheap. And oh-so sexy in its small but serious industrial outfit.

Water bottle obscuring the DeskMini’s package shows clearly how many fucks Wendell gives on product presentation. 


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