Easy Peasy

Installing Linux Archy …

See that? How easy it all went?

And you always thought installing a Linux distro, and to make it inhumanly complicated and difficult, an ArchLinux derivative of all the Linuxes, was a thing only super heroes like your editrix could master, eh?

Well, fuk dat! Installing any Linux distro, except some weirdo shit, is generally easier than installing Windows. Even Archy systems, with the glorious exception of Arch itself. But nobody wants that anyway. =^.^=



    • I haven’t looked at Kodachi yet, since I’m not on the run from the law and SAfrican ISPs can’t give any less fucks about what we’re doing with the bandwith we paid for. For screenrecording I’m using Simple Screen Recorder …

      What do you mean with asking for moving sailboats? In Second Life? Oh, we have many many yacht clubs, cruises and races there. I myself served as a commodore and race director for the Triumphal Yacht Club a couple of years. But since the millenials have taken over we’ve lost most boat builders, active racing series and masterships, sailing blogs and forums. The Sailing Community is but a pale shadow of its former glorious self. 😦


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