Namib Budgie

/me thinking: Hm, Solus Budgie is really nice but somehow I’m not too fond of the Solus base. Well, Budgie is Solus’ own homemade Desktop Environment, it fits Solus like Ass fits Toilet Seat. But butbut, I like ArchLinux much besterer, and Linux is a sharing culture, so maybe there is some Arch distro with Budgie available somewhere …?

And … TaaDaa! Look no further than my own favourite Namib GNU/Linux. 🙂 Indeed did my friend frederic2ec made a Budgie desktop available for his own distro too. \o/ YAY! \o/

All my problems are solved! Or are they?

Seconds after the – very easy – installation: Namib’s usual welcome screen pops up on Budgie’s usual empty desktop. Everything normal so far. But hey, no likey the wallpaper … and can’t find a way to change it anywhere. 😮
Second activity: Switch to the latest Linux kernel 5.0.5.a-1. Because why not and because we are cool Arch users. 🙂
Budgie’s thankfully pretty traditional menu is complete and offers all the usual items one expects from a full fledged Linux distro.
I don’t know if Fred was sloppy during implementation or if the Solus Budgie was equally anaemic with choices in desktop customization. I’m stil not able to find any function to change the desktop background or pull software icons down on the panel. 😦 My enthusiasm for Budgie is waning with every minute I can’t get results.
My brother Neo sends greetings and salutations from the amazing SL sim Dulcis. Hey, the ability to log into SL without any problems makes Namib Budgie a workable Linux distro again. 🙂 Otoh every Linux distro can do that, but I’m not too sure if I could live with all of Budgie’s limitations. :/

Okay, this is a hard decision. Let’s say, yes, if you’re a very patient user and don’t mind locating and starting your apps from the menu, and if you don’t care much about the style of your work enviroment, then yes, by all means you can use Namib Budgie. But I’ve gotta admit Solus Budgie is the better, more flexible choice. I would only use it on my netbook during travels anyhoo.

For home use and on well-specced laptops I can only recommend the usual Linux Mint. It’s superior in every aspect.



    • Hi Andreas, why would I write about KDE in a Budgie article?

      Yes, I know KDE – at least up to Plasma4 – was the best, most versatile and customizable Linux desktop. In fact it’s too good for humble little me. So I made it clear pretty much a long time ago that I don’t review KDE distros. I asked my hubby if he could do some KDE writeups for the blog but he kindly refused. I guess the words cow and stupid were mumbled during his response. :/


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