Build Your Own Linux Computer

Hey allz, just lazily reblogging fellow blogger, blogreader and Linux user Karmi’s recommendation of building your own Linux machine. I particularly like his choice of supplier. If I were dwelling stateside I’d go with Newegg too. Some parts he choose for his build I find rather questionable (16 GB RAM is overkill in Linux, and who in the hell uses a DVD writer in 2019? And Celeron CPU, really?) but all in all he made a nifty machine.
Read Karmi’s article/shopping list and let him inspire you:



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Maybe you spent $500-1000 for your Windows desktop/laptop and don’t want to mess anything up on it. Perhaps you’ve tried some ‘Live’ Linux distros and found one you like, but don’t want to install it on your main computer. Let’s see what it will cost to build a new Linux computer…

(NOTE: I use Newegg a lot so will choose their parts and products)

1) Rosewill – Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Case with Dual Fans – FBM-01 for $19.99 (I’ve got big Antec case builds, but a small cheap case works fine).

2) Lite-On DVD Burner Black SATA Model iHAS124-14 – OEM for $19.99 (use the “promo code” and lower cost to $15.99).

3) Rosewill ARC Series 450W Gaming Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze Certified, Single +12V Rail, Intel 4th Gen CPU Ready – ARC-450 for $40.99 (I know that one works, but search around and maybe…

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  1. Yep .. Linux don’t need that much Ram, but Rose seems to love it. This new Kodachi OS isn’t even using much of it, and it came on a 2.26 GB ISO. Doesn’t take much to build a small Linux machine … little work mainly.

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