I Don’t Like Trump!

I really don’t. That’s why I put the Exclamation! Mark! there. I guess I’ve mentioned my reasons already once or twice on this bloggo. But not even pseudo-socialist me couldn’t help but smile when she found this article and video:

What were the “Democrats” thinking? The whole accusation of Trump as Putin’s top seret agent is so hilariously brainfuked, it could only come from badly asshurt political losers. Those fukkaz stil don’t get it: Nobody in their right mind would vote an assclown like Trump into the White House, ergo the Repubs didn’t win the election but Hillary’s Dems lost it! Get that! And learn to live with it. And next time chose a better candidate, you imbeciles.

And American people, downtrodden masses: Silently and slowly prepare and plan for a new revolution. This time a real one, from bottom up. 😉




    • “Trumps supporters”
      Oh. 😮 I didn’t know he had any. Far as I know not even the other assholes in his fascist party do like him but accepted Trump as the “lesser evil” for their cause.

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