As Expected

Israeli my ass. ;/

As expected, after failing to bring Syria down with their own selfmade terrorist groups ISIS et al., now they are siccing their pampered rabid dog Israel on Syria to do their dirty work. And it’s all so obvious and heavy-handed, they don’t even try to hide their evil-spirited attempts to start WW3 anymore. :.(

Overnight on March 28, Israeli warplanes carried out a series of strikes on targets in the areas of Shaykh Najjar and Jibrin, and the Nayrab airbase in eastern Aleppo.

The Syrian Defense Ministry said that it had activated its air defense and shot down multiple missiles. It noted that the strikes caused a material damage only.

According to pro-Israeli sources, the strikes hit weapon depots belonging to Iranian-backed forces and caused some casualties. No precise numbers were also provided.

The strikes took place just a few days after the US decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights and amid the developing escalation over the Gaza Strip, which Israel is threatening with an invasion.

I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore. 😮



    • Oh yes, darling, in any way possible. Those warmongering Persians with all their culture and scientific prowess must be kept out of Syria. Wasn’t Iran behind and involved in nearly every armed confrontation during the last 40, 50 years? They are a traditional threat to world peace, always have been and must be stopped before it’s too late!


      • “they are siccing their pampered rabid dog Israel on Syria” .. ??

        “I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.”
        Life on Planet Earth is a *LOT* like Life in a Prison – KårmiÇømmünîs†

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        • “??”
          Come on, don’t say you don’t now exactly why the US is so friendly with Israel. They need Israel to keep the region in permanent turmoil … and for their military handiwork.

          “Life on Planet Earth is a *LOT* like Life in a Prison – KårmiÇømmünîs†”
          Oh, I rather like living on this planet of ours. It’s partially beautiful and used to have much better climate than most other rocks in the neigbourhood. Although lately I’m not so sure about the climate thing anymore. :/


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