Jeeezuz!!! :o

Fukn Hellllll!!!

Me logging in, succesfully! \o/ YAY! \o/ Weird Group Notice by Singu viewer people on screeen …

A-ha, disconnections are prevalent across the grid, install test build to avoid crash. Okeee …
They obviously didn’t think about special snowflake ArchLinux users. Mostest newest viewer I find in AUR is already installed on my system.
Fuk it and let me rez my Boaty McBoatface …
… and enjoy an early morning cruise! Oooops, why doesn’t Boaty react to steering impulses anymore?
“Damn, you’ve been logged out!” Ok, I get it. LL don’t want their paying customers to play and frolic on their grid anymore. Why o why??? Are we too dirty, don’t we pay you enuff?

Grrrr and shit and all that. Back to bed or watch some YouTube or scribble some O@tM since we’ve watched lotsa movies lately? No, wait, me’s got another idea. 🙂 Wait …


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