Teklek’s Mint Videos

Ohayo gozaimasu!

Exactly as predicted and expected most of you, dear readers, are now computing on Linux Mint. Right? Yes, of course you do because you’re clever and sexy and more geeky than you’d like to admit. But that doesn’t matter as geek is the new black. 😉

Of course some of you are still a bit struggling with the ways of the Linux (hoohoo Sammie!) but as Mint is so famous for being a super duper beginner’s Linux many YouTube content creators are doing videos about that shit. One YT channel I wanna mention in particular. Look!

teklek411 made a number of special videos about Linux Mint.

Not all of those vids are interesting for everybody, most aren’t problem solvers for n00bs but every one of the rather short videos makes you a bit more cleverer, teaches you one small thing or the other. So it won’t hurt watching and use them, when applicable. 😉

Here for example a vid about what to do when you’ve just started:

cya laterz xoxox


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