It Happened: 200 Followers!


I mean, not that it matters, because I don’t care. Read my blog or not, or subscribble to my blog or not. Meh! ¯\(ツ)/¯

But it’s so  kool nevertheless. Just imagine 200 of the mostest loveliest, talented, hyperintelligent, stylish, gifted, highly sexualized people on the planet are now following this shitty blogthingie! Whoohoo! And I guess none of them does really know why. 😉


Anyhoo, is not only a fellow introvert but officially my 200th disciple. Don’t even know if the Hermit is a boi or a gurl, where they live or anything about them really. They didn’t care about making an About Me gizmo. Which doesn’t matter. Reading his or her blog tells me about their mindset, which should be independent of any gender or age, no?

Of course I’m following Hermit’s blog in return.

At least we kinda know where the Hermit dwells … well, at least in their and our imagination. Look, there:

Hermit Hut - Pixabay

Oh btw, my own About Me, somehow disappeared a while ago. 😮 But thats not too important neither and I’m much too lazy to scribble a new one.

What does it mean if you follow my blog?

WTF do I know, I’m not following this blog. Baah! :/ No, really, as I know from experience, as I follow all the blogs in the sidebar, I guess you’ll receive an email whenever editrix Orca, or any of the other contributors to this blog, let one slip. That’s not only nerve wrecking but also convenient for you since you just need to click on the headline in that email and, voila, you’ll be beamed over to Thar She Blows! Ain’t that the most coolest SciFi invention in, like, ever? It’s like The Future or sumfink! And you don’t wanna miss The Future, do ya?



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